Fabrication for Industrial Environments

  • We start by working with a design engineering firm to provide the best quality product for the client’s needs.
  • We provide detailed shop drawings as well as the procurement of raw materials with the mill test reports.
  • The fabrication and welding are performed by certified personnel in accordance with the AISC Code of Standard Practice.
  • We offer various coatings for structural steel in order to meet the client’s requirements; such as, hot dip galvanized and/or multi-coat paint systems.
  • Our industrial products include, but are not limited to the following:

    –  Beams
    –  Columns
    –  Bracing
    –  Stairs
    –  Handrails
    –  Grating
    –  Grating Treads
    –  Form Plate
    –  Metal Form Decking
    –  Caged Ladders
    –  Safety Gates
    –  Anchor Bolts
    –  Embed Plates and Angles

Industrial Client List

Allen & Graham
Ahlstrom Recovery Inc
Amec Kamtech
Arizona Chemical
Augusta Tissue
BE & K Construction
BMW Manufacturing
Chicago Bridge & Iron
Colonial Terminals
CR Meyer & Sons
Domtar Paper
Elam Pharmaceuticals
EM Industries
Evergreen Nylon Recycling
Fluor Enterprise
GA. Ports Authority
GP Cellulose
Huber Engineered Woods
Huron Tech Corp.
Imperial Sugar
Inco Services, Inc
Industrial Mechanical
International Paper
Interstate Paper Corp.
Jacobs Engineering
JM Huber Corp.
Kapstone Kraft
Lauren Engineers & Const.
Lockwood Greene
Macaljon/SCL Inc
Mead Westvaco
Milton J. Wood Const.
Misener Marine
National Gypsum
NCF Manufacturing
Rohm & Haas Company
Solvay Advanced Polymer
Star Pet
SW & B Construction
The Roberts Company
Toho Temax America
WW Gay Mechanical

Brunswick, GA
Alpharetta, GA
Tucker, GA
Roswell, GA
Savannah, GA
Augusta, GA
Birmingham, AL & Charlotte, NC
Spartanburg, SC
Savannah, GA
Oshkosh, WI
Bennettesville, SC
Ganiesville, GA
Savannah, GA

Augusta, GA
Greenville, SC
Savannah, GA
Brunswick, GA
Commerce, GA
Eastover, SC
Savannah, GA
Alpharetta/Savannah, GA
Watkinsville, GA
All Southeast Mills
Greenville, SC
Macon, GA
Charleston, SC
Various Mills in the Southeast
Abilene, TX
Various States
Savannah, GA
Charleston, SC
Brunswick, GA
Savannah, GA
Charlotte, NC
Riceboro, GA
Charlotte, NC
Jacksonville, FL
Augusta. GA
Asheboro, NC
Auburn, MA
Winterville, NC
Rockwood, TN
All Southeast Mills
Jacksonville, FL